Yang Yuntao Chairman Of the Supervisory Board
Mr.Yang graduated from Jilin University and obtained Bachelor's degree in International Law, and then studied in the Law School of the University of International Business and Economics with a Master's degree and Doctor's degree in law. He is currently the Head of Risk Management Department/Legal Compliance Department/Audit Department of CMG. He is also the Chairman of Supervisory Board of China Changjiang Shipping Group Co., Ltd., the Chairman of Supervisory Board of China Merchants Port Group Co., Ltd., and the Supervisor of China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd. He used to be Deputy General Manager of Port Business Department and General Manager of Legal Department of China Foreign Trade Transport Corporation, Director and Deputy General Manager (in charge) of SINOTRANS (HONG KONG) Holdings Limited, Non-Executive Director of SINOTRANS Limited, General Manager of Legal Department of China Foreign Trade Transport (Group) Corporation. General Manager, Deputy General Legal Counsel, General Legal Counsel and Deputy General Manager of SINOTRANS& CSC Holdings Co., Ltd., Deputy Head of the Transportation Logistics Division/Beijing Headquarters of CMG, Deputy Director of the Shipping Business Management and Preparation Office of CMG, Deputy General Manager and General Legal Counsel of China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd.    
Li Zhanglin Supervisor
Mr.Li is a Senior Economist. He graduated from the School of Statistics, Renmin University of China and obtained Master's degree in Economics. He is currently the Deputy Head of Transportation and Logistics Division/Beijing Headquarters of CMG. He used to be Assistant General Manager of the Enterprise Planning Department, and Deputy Head of the Comprehensive Transportation Department/Overseas Business Department of CMG. He also worked in the Planning Department of MOT and the Securities Management Department of Huajian Transportation Economic Development Center.    
Wu Yingjie Employee Supervisor
Mr.Wu graduated from Tianjin University and obtained Master's degree in Instrument Science and Technology. He is currently a Coordinator of Strategic Development Department of CMET. Before joined CMET, he worked for SINOTRANS Limited.